The Dime Store Poets make their home in South Austin, Texas.

Since 2000, The Dime Store Poets have made their home in South Austin, Texas.  Their music is as varied as the eclectic town that surrounds them.  Incorporating jazz, swing, bluegrass, and pop, the Poets pound out a style that is unique.

The band released three albums.  At least one single from all three albums will fill your ears as you roam the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  The Poets twice represented South Austin in the SXSW Music Festival. Since 2008, The Dime Store Poets have shuffled their line-up of musicians frequently.  Of late, their live performances consist mostly of a line up featuring acoustic guitar and stand-up bass.  Many of the harmonies are gone, but the songs remain…stripped down and honest.

The Dime Store Poets continue to carve out their niche with each southside performance.  Armed with their swinging eclectic bag of musical fun, the band regularly sets it up and tears it down at such hallowed establishments as The Saxon Pub, Threadgill’s World Headquarters, the Cypress Grill, The Strange Brew and Evangaline’s .  Keep an eye on the calendar, and the band will see you there soon.